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Ross Plant Imaging – COVID-19 Statement

This is an important message for all current and future clients of Ross Plant Imaging.

Dear Clients

As all of you will be aware our country is being affected by what Prime Minister Johnston has described as “The worst public health crisis in a generation”. Many people are worried and for good reason. Many have loved ones which are vulnerable from this virus and are concerned for their health and well being.

I personally empathize with anyone who is being affected by this illness and ask all my past, present and future clients, as well as those who share and help my business to grow to please follow the Scottish and UK Government guidelines in regard to this pandemic.

Most clients now sign contractual agreements when hiring us, one of the parts of the contract states “In the event of cancellation, (Client Name) agrees to forfeit the initial deposit.” and “Ross Plant Imaging shall not be held liable for compromised photography coverage during the event due to environment conditions”, under normal circumstances this means that we cannot be liable for the cancellation of the contract due to extreme events. However, under these extraordinary times, I have taken the following decisions.

1. If a client decides to cancel their contract due to COVID-19, Ross Plant Imaging WILL RETURN ALL FEES PAID.

2. If a client wishes to postpone their event due to COVID-19, Ross Plant Imaging WILL HOLD AND TAKE NO MORE FEES UNTIL THE RESCHEDULED EVENT, should they then decide to cancel their contract Ross Plant Imaging WILL RETURN ALL FEES PAID.

3. A Client who wishes to cancel their event will be given the option to donate their deposit to “The Dumfries and Galloway Health Board Endowment Fund” for Dumfries and Galloway Clients or “Edinburgh and Lothians Health Foundation” for Edinburgh Clients.

If a client wishes to cancel their contract, they must put it in writing to either the address on your contract or to our email address (

I wish to take this opportunity to ask all clients however to please maintain contact with us if they believe that their event may be cancelled due to COVID-19 for the health of myself and due to travel and commuting to the photo shoot.

I personally believe as a business who deals with people and not numbers that being as flexible and open as possible with our clients at this time is the best way to go, and to be tolerant and understanding of what many people are going through. As well as helping and looking out for those who are vulnerable and elderly in the community and not panicking.

I wish again to urge all stay safe during this time of uncertainty.

Ross Alexander Plant


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