2019 Review and 2020 Changes

It is amazing to me how quickly this year has passed, not just for 2019 itself but for the Business (we started in December 2018). When I created Ross Plant Imaging (RPI) I did not expect for the business to take off and meet its targets in the first year.

The main goals for this year for me was to establish RPI in the Stranraer Photography Market, after one year it is safe for me to say that RPI are now one of the leaders in the Stranraer Event Photography Market, by offering competitive prices and giving a 5 star service to our clients we have cemented our place in the market and will only look to re-enforce and expand that position coming into the new decade.

Recently I have invested in new equipment to help produce the highest quality images possible for your event or shoot, ranging from the best Adobe Photo Editing Software to new lenses.

Event is not only area where I focused my attention this year, RPI have worked along side local businesses, charities and media to expand my portfolio and give me new experience in these industries. RPI worked closely with the editors and staff with the Galloway Gazette giving them access to the latest photos from events happening in the area. We were also selected as the official photographers for the starting leg of the Ultra GB Race Across Scotland.

Throughout this year Ross Plant Imaging have been proud to support many charity's and community groups;

The Advisory Group (TAG) - We donated raffle prizes for their annual raffle in the summer.

Stranraer DofE Gold - Donated photographs to be used in their fundraising calendar.

Stranraer Drama Club - Cast member sponsor.

Throughout the year there has also been huge amounts of work done to establish RPI in Edinburgh, the plans for the expansion began in April although progress was slow for months while we got our advertising and promotion sorted, In September RPI Edinburgh began to see clients beginning to get in touch. With the expansion to Edinburgh RPI seen its first affiliate join us in the form of Amy Lieberman.

For 2020 there will be a few changes coming to the business;

Firstly I plan to add a T&C section to the website which by hiring us you agree to, the information will be sent over to you once a price has been agreed, this will be for small shoots only.

For medium to larger shoots contracts must be signed either digitally or by hand. this is for your protection and my protection.

(RPI Stranraer Only).

In keeping with the prices of the local competition RPI Hourly rate will go up from £20ph to £25ph, while making the fixed fee £30 which pays for the time spent editing the photos upon the close of the event.

(RPI Edinburgh Only).

In keeping with the prices of the local competition RPI Hourly rate will go up from £25ph to £30ph, while making the fixed fee £40 which pays for the time spent editing the photos upon the close of the event.

Nothing will change in the items you receive upon completion, clients will still receive the pen drive and online gallery at no extra charge. Clients will also continue to receive their personally signed letter.

Clients will be able to order large A4 prints from their events for £10 each produced using the highest quality photo paper and professional grade printers for the best quality print of your images, a pack of 6x4 prints can be requested for £20 which contains 50 images from the event or shoot.

Photo albums can also be made on request for £40 and includes up to 50 images.

Those are the main changes that will be happening at Ross Plant Imaging this coming year, please stay up to date with all business announcements and promotions by liking us on Facebook and staying up to date with our website.

Now all that to be said is for everyone of our past, present and future clients to have a Happy New Year.

Yours Faithfully

Ross Alexander Plant

Owner and Head Photographer

Ross Plant Imaging

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